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We Made It!!!!

WE MADE IT… We made it through four monumental days.

8.30.10 – It all started with Avery’s and my last day working from home together on Monday. She did amazing and per usual she got tired of watching me work and took a little nappy while I finished up my tasks. I spent the day getting organized, finishing work and of course enjoying her coos and smiling. We played and laughed. I got choked up some knowing that this was it… Today was the last day I was working from home with her little body, her little heart. Today was the last of 8 weeks with my little love all the time. This day was yet another transition in which we were going to try another new life changing event… I loved every moment of this day.

8.31.10 – Then it was Tuesday and time for Avery’s two month well-check. It was going to be a big day with shots and a progress check. My beautiful baby girl now weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces and is 23 inches in height. She has landed herself in the 75th percentile and she handled all the poking and prodding well, better than I for sure. We also enjoyed our last weekday off together watching some of the Today Show, lunching with a dear friend and snuggling after shots. Her little legs were in pain, but we were seriously lucky to avoid a fever. Another important day in the books and Doodle was still smiling.

9.1.10 – I officially started back to work on Wednesday and I am truly blessed to have my mother and my sister. Mis (my sis) happened to be in town for a couple doctors appointments and joined me for lunch. She had all three of my beautiful nieces and I got to enjoy many smiles and laughter. My mom took Avery for the day to help ease my heart. I am so very lucky to be able to transition back into work with such a supportive family. Mom having Avery for the day made navigating through the “first day of school” feeling a bit easier. The comfort of knowing my little one was in safe and loving hands allowed me to jump back in without preoccupation. After seeing my beautiful sister and her gorgeous daughters and after picking up Doodle from the grandparents, I enjoyed dinner with a wonderful friend. A lovely first day back I must say.

9.1.10 also marked Avery’s 2 month birthday celebration… My little cutie has made it 60 days and boy is she a gem. I believe every mother has a right to brag, to find joy in the little details and to truly believe their child is the most beautiful kid in the world. The rest of the world may not agree with me and I understand that, I embrace it actually. However, my little cutie is just that… a true cutie, with a peaceful soul, big bright eyes, chunky cheeks and a smile that melts my heart. Thank you Avery for picking me… I am the luckiest mommy in the world.

9.2.10 – Today was Avery’s first day of school… after spending the evening preparing her paperwork and bag I woke up bright and early with a burst of adrenaline and a nervous excitement to start something new. As we walked through the doors of her daycare I was overwhelmed with emotion and joy and sadness and guilt… I was a mom, I was a career minded woman, I was torn between two worlds. Of course there is no other place I’d rather be than with my family and playing with my daughter. There is also no way I can be a stay at home mother (I commend those that are as I know parenting is the hardest job in the world and I am only two months in), it is not in my bones to be. I believe that showing and instilling in my daughter strength, confidence, intelligence and love are key to fostering her successful growth. And I believe showing her that she does not have to compromise who she is in order to “have it all” is important in ensuring I raise her well. So, as you can imagine I was tormented dropping her off, but she did AMAZING. I got welly and she just smiled. I started missing her and received a picture from her teacher. At lunch I went and paid her tuition and fed her a couple ounces of her bottle and rocked her to sleep, my heart was complete. At 4:50, just because I could not wait the extra five minutes, I ran across the street and picked up my doodle. She was happy and smiling. Miss Julia, her teacher was sweet and complimenting.


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  1. Ky •

    September 3, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    I'm so glad that it all went well… AND, that you're just across the street from her. Awesome.

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