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Working It Out

As the wonderful world of bloggers has heard… this new mommy is getting back in shape and trying hard to stay motivated. I invested financially in myself, via with the P90X videos, now it is time to invest in myself with motivation, time and follow through. I have been working out for one week now and there are a some things I’ve learned.
1. I am much weaker than I realized.
2. I missed feeling my muscles tighten.
3. Sweating can be fun in the comfort of your own four walls.
4. I am impatient and want to see results right now.
5. There are still some sore spots from Avery’s birth.
6. Jogging is a comfort and has been mixed into the P90 routine.
7. Taking care of myself induces confidence.
8. My doodle was well worth the weight gain, but will not be used as an excuse to remain lazy.
9. Fitting a workout in is a miracle each day.
10. I cannot wait to win the bet…

I have also realized that for me jogging is a cure for all. It is a safety net and a comfort zone. I believe that jogging impacts me in a hugely positive way and that P90 alone will not do the trick. So, I am mixing jogs, walks, swims… anything I can into the mix to help the cardio cravings.
Time to jog…

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  1. lisa

    September 20, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Good for you!! 🙂 I'm cheering you on…you can do this!!

    I wish so much that I could jog…I have terrible shinsplints and it kills too much! I miss it.

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