Melanie Jeanne


It is October, the turn of fall, the start of the holiday season… And my baby is 90 days old…
3 months. I cannot believe it. I just cannot. It has been the most interesting 3 months to date, this is a certainty. And I anticipate a lifetime of interesting months and moments. Simply, it has moved fast, yet in hind site I also cannot believe it has only been 3 months. Where I don’t understand where the time has gone and I am impressed at the speed which a child grows and the progress that can be made in 3 months, it just doesn’t seem like it has only been three months. In fact, at this moment, in my heart it already feels like a lifetime (and to Avery it is the only lifetime she knows to date). I can remember what life was like prior and I know what life is like now, the worlds are not too different, however my life surely feels more complete.
Avery is my pal, my giggle buddy, the sunshine at the end of any dark day and my heart. I knew a mother’s love prior to her, I had dogs, believe me, I knew a mother’s love. And to ensure I talk to all mother’s, I believe a mom feels for her furry pets is quite similar to that of her own child. In fact, I know it is… I have to furry souls who call me mom and I adore them. I would jump in front of a moving car for them, if times were terrible I would not eat so that they could, I kiss them good night and I have conversations with them. Yes, a mother’s love for her pet (if in fact you believe your pet is part of your family, your kiddo) is quite similar to that of your child (again, in my belief). All that being said… I certainly cannot believe that for the past 90 days I have had a little life depending on me.
And I can say this, it is not easy. However, it is easier than I was lead to believe. It is hard work, but it is work I am willing to do day in and day out without a second thought. It is scary, but it is the best kind of scary possible.
I thank my pups for teaching me what a mothers love is. I thank my daughter for the human experience. And I thank God for trusting I am capable to love unconditionally and for providing me the best gift any one person could have asked for.
Avery you are my happy place. When I am with you I am at peace. Thank you for blessing me with you gentle kind soul. With you in my life I am a better person.

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