Melanie Jeanne

4 Months… 5 Months… Fun

It’s been a wild 2 months and an enjoyable holiday season. Little Miss Avery Grace is growing like a weed and preparing to celebrate her 6 month birthday on January 1st. We are grateful for the past two months; there were illnesses and hospital visits. Laughter and new routines. Accomplishments and benchmarks (rolling over). Avery experienced her first Halloween, her first Thanksgiving and has truly enjoyed what is her first holiday season. She seems to love the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree, she certainly enjoys wrapping paper and the way it crinkles and all the gifts we’ve opened early she has played with.
We are looking forward to a New Year, a new family member (cousin), the next 6 months of her life and all the adventures that are to follow. There will be more monthly birthdays, crawling, trying foods, walking and talking. There will certainly be more bumps and bruises, colds and sniffles and benchmarks met.
What an incredible little life I have been blessed to live with. She is the most magical baby, with the most chill demeanor and one precious smile to boot. I adore her and look forward to the little lady she will become.

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