Melanie Jeanne

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. From my family to yours, we are wishing you a loving, magical new year with joys and adventures a plenty.

In reflection of 2010 I can say this… In a year with many changes and some major downs, my life continues to present me with miracles and magic, love and joy, friends and family to appreciate and adventures to look forward to. I review 2010 with a light sense of fear for the changes to come, yet there is a smile that lights my heart and leads the way. In understanding that without the bad, sad, trouble and challenges there would be no love, joy, magic and growth I am prepared to look back on this past year fondly. The gifts I’ve been granted, the love I have experienced, the friendships that continue to grow, the health of my family and the joy of my baby girl Avery makes 2010 my best year yet.

I am still in awe of the blessing that is Avery. There is nothing like the love of your child. The beauty of their little being. The sound of her voice. The words her eyes speak without speaking at all. Her tiny hands and feet, fingers and toes. The feel of her soft skin. The scent that is her and only her. The joy in making her laugh. The love that is felt with every cuddle. The magic of her growth and learning. The miracle of her… I am blessed beyond words.

I continue to have a job I love, pups I adore, a family anyone should be so lucky to have, a home that feels cozy and the life I long to lead.

Entering 2011 I resolve to keep the promises I make to myself, to better prioritize my time so there is time for the ones I love and the things I love, to manage my house in a more organized fashion so that it is welcoming and peaceful, clean and cozy. I resolve to love more deeply, see the greater good in others, laugh as often as possible and enjoy all moments.

May 2011 be a year to remember for all…

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