Melanie Jeanne


Today is my two year anniversary at my amazing job… After a morning email announcement in which I was congratulated, emails followed with kuddos from those I adore. It has been the most amazing two years in regard to my career thus far and I am so looking forward to another two years. Below is the thank you I sent in response to all the amazing love received today…

THANK YOU TO ALL… I love my job and I love this place… Specifically because of you guys. 

The past two years:
1. Have been the most fun thus far in my career and personal life (shout out to Avery Grace)
2. I’ve shown off all my little quirks… Including my pen choices while taking notes (PSchwind you will always be blue) and my extremely tidy desk (where yes, I do hide food, sometimes even donuts)
3. I have mastered the art of finding the round tables…
4. I have hippity hop raced through the building
5. I will continue to bake and plan our Pot Lucks (there’s one coming in Feb)
And I cannot wait to continually find success in retargeting with all of you. 
Here’s to another two year stint…

Thank you all… I appreciate you all so very much.

*** Gosh I love my job. It is a great place to be… And yes, all of you know just how quirky I am.

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