Melanie Jeanne

An Old Passion… A New Spark

I love to cook. I absolutely love to cook. I feel like it is an expression of love and care. I feel like it can express creativity and create magic for those who experience the flavors coming together. I feel that it is me at my most vulnerable… Trying to manage time, flavors, dishes. Trying to ensure all tummies are pleased. The magic of a kitchen in action, full of scents and sounds. I’ve realized…. Cooking is my passion.

And what’s more… I’ve found that dessert is my favorite part of the meal to cook up for those I love. I’ve been sharing the experience of cake popping across my blog quite a lot as of late. However, there are many sweet treats I venture to cook up…. Coconut Cake, Gooey Butter Cake, Cheese Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies… The list goes on. But, my next sweet treat to master… MACAROONS. I cannot wait to test recipes and I cannot wait to create the perfect coconut cluster in cookie form.

So, you see, there are a couple announcement that go along with this blog… 1. So far the pops have been gobbled up and requested daily since their first appearance at my office. All my co-workers have suggested I go into baking… I see no reason why I cannot start with supporting friends for parties and see if interest sparks. So, in order to brand myself, I am working with an exceptionally creative co-worker to pull together a logo to use for blog posts and all that may follow. 2. I have always wondered what it would feel like when I found my passion… When I knew what it was that made me smile from the inside out, no matter all of life’s other conditions. I have always wondered what my “thing” would be… Jogging, music, painting, writing, etc. Well, now I know that feeling… I just wish it weren’t just me and Avery I were cooking for. It would make trying new things a lot more exciting and a lot less wasteful.

I love cooking… yep, I do!

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