Melanie Jeanne

Capturing Moments

It’s no secret… I am a big fan of capturing moments. Avery has been bent and propped, she’s been dressed up and entertained, I’ve danced and made crazy noises… All in the name of capturing sweet photos of her. I have also had a couple different photographers capture moments for me. Unfortunately, as the story so often goes, I’ve not had the ability to build a long term and lasting bond with any one photographer.

Avery posed for Ben, my wedding photog, when she was just one month old… He captured her in her most trusting and vulnerable state. As a sleeping baby trusting baby, safe in her mommy’s arms. I love Ben, Ben is an amazing photog and since I’d worked with him for engagement, wedding and family photos (pre Avery, with the pups), there was an easy bond. Unfortunately, the economy struggled as did I and I could no longer afford Ben, additionally, fees did not include getting any photos on disc & as a new mom, every picture one might have of my baby, I too want of my baby.
Then we had the blessing of meeting Michelle. Michelle took Avery’s 3 month & 6 month photos. She also took photos of me that I adore. We built a lovely relationship and when working with her, there was an ease and a peace. Her personality is very similar to mine and conversation was easy, smiles were organic and moments were captured. I fell in love with Michelle’s photography. Scheduling was convenient and the bang for my buck was there. Then… wah-wah-wah… Michelle and her family followed a life long dream and moved to a house on a lake in WI. Joyful for her fortune and blessings, sad as the hunt for the right photog was on again…
Well, as we approached Avery’s first birthday (7 days away) my heart was sinking… There just weren’t any opportunities and my luck seemed to be out, there was no way I was going to find a photographer in time to capture her as a ONE YEAR OLD. Just as my heart sank further, a stroke of luck… A dear friend had used her, another dear friend had suggested her, there was a “her”… I reached out, she responded… Prices were spot on and her availability, well… We will have pictures of a ONE YEAR OLD right as she becomes a ONE YEAR OLD!!!!

I am so excited. So very excited.

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