Melanie Jeanne

How’d It Go… I’ll Tell Ya!

I think I’m getting good at this. 🙂 I think I am getting really good at this.
A couple pointers this go round: 1. Only melt a couple melts when inserting the sticks as you’ll be cooling them for 15 minutes and it just makes more sense, 2. Keep the pops that are not being decorated in the freezer – this suited me best as the pops did not start falling apart and the icing cooled more quickly, 3. Since decorating takes the longest, bring your patience and lightly shake the pop as you ice to ensure a more quick decorating process, 4. All the books suggest using a foam sheet to stick the pops in to cool, I used this trick but covered the foam in cellophane in an effort to reuse in the future, 5. Finally, listen to your favorite music… It’s a longer process, but a fun one, so make it more enjoyable with your favorite tunes.

All the pops in their completed state.

The cooling process

Pops with sticks, cooling in the freezer

Carrot cake rolled…

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