Melanie Jeanne

Meatless Meals

It is no secret, I eat meat. I love meat. I thoroughly enjoy meals that incorporate meat. I have become a wonderful cook as it pertains to meat. Meals full of yummy, delicious, goodness. However, I want to learn how to prepare meat free meals. There are a couple reasons for this; 1. I am finding I do not incorporate enough vegetables into my current daily intake, 2. I want Avery to learn to love meals with and without meat, 3. I would like to broaden my scope of meal opportunities & 4. I have friends that are vegetarians and I want to be able to prepare meals for dinner parties that are suitable for all pallets.

I ask all my blogging friends for some support in creating meals. If you have any fabulous meatless meals… Please send them my way. I love practicing preparing the meals, feeding my office friends and trying it out again in the future.

Happy cooking… 🙂

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