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The Voice – The Finale

Oh my heavens… Tonight is the last night of The Voice. And Oh My Shit… What a show!!!!

There were performances by each artist debuting an original song & each artist sang a duet with their coach.
I was in heven. So was Avery. We love music and the talent is THICK.

I still LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam and Blake. Cee Lo has grown on me in an entirely nonsensical way. Christina still rubs me the wrong way (I will leave it at that, no negative tonight). And I have been incredibly rude… Carson Daily – Mr. TRL. HE has done a lovely job of mediating the coaches, communicating with the artists and of course keeping the viewers tuned in. His joking banter and boys club friendship with everyone is endearing.

On to the show because it was that good…

JAVIER – What can one say about Javier? He is incredible. Incredible on a simple and beautiful way. The fella has a genuine love for music and a talent that many long for. He keeps his songs organic and feeling simple. His voice drives his talent. This evening he sang his original song “Stitch by Stitch” and did a duet with Adam to “Man in the Mirror”. Both were incredible.
All of the coaches seem to have a true respect for this guy and indicate that he is a truly good guy. Adam got a bit choked up during the show and that was sweet and indicative of the friendships built.

DIA – She is such a sweet presence. Her ability to make any song her own and add a natural twist of grit and beauty is inspiring. Her musical talent is enviable and the magic she creates when signing is palpable. I loved her performance of “I Won’t Back Down” with Blake, it was fun and enjoyable. Both of their raw talent is apparent and the pride Blake carries for her is very similar to a protective and proud big brother. Her original song was classic Dia and the song”Inventing Shadows” will certainly become an iTunes hit. (Sweet blip when Blake indicated he had lost the magic from performance and that watching Dia go through this process, that this dream is really happening, impacted him. He implied he had lost it along the way somewhere and that she has helped him find it again…) Beautiful end to a lovely run on The Voice. (If not Javier, then Dia)

VICCI – Is a little dynamo… WOW. All I can say is WOW. Her energy and passion is insane. Her ability to perform is incredible. Her power and presence is huge. I feel that Vicci has what it takes to take her talent out on the road. She has the ability to captivate an audience and make magic. Her original song “Afraid to Sleep” is vulnerable and yet powerful. It was a beautifully strong performance. Her and Cee Lo owned the stage for their duet and closed the show by bringing down the house. Incredible performance of “Love Is A Battlefield”. Completely in sync.

BEVERLY – What a rustic and raw performer. She has a rough edge to her and a love for music with a no bullshit attitude. She completely respects the process and her peers. Her ability to bring such impactful performances to well known songs, both lyrically and on a performance level is admirable. Her original song “Love Sick” was rock’n’roll at its finest. And her duet “Beautiful”, with Christina, was the soft side of an otherwise rough edged coin… and I appreciate her ability to show that vulnerability.

Because I know you want to download the songs from iTunes, see the set list below:
Javier Colon – Stitch by Stitch
Dia & Blake – I Won’t Back Down
Vicci Martinez – Afraid to Sleep
Beverly & Christina – Beautiful
Dia Frampton – Inventing Shadows
Javier & Adam – Man In The Mirror
Beverly McClellan – Love Sick
Vicci & Cee Lo – Love Is A Battlefield

And, finally… While my heart strings were tugged by the artists in the competition, for the finale they brought a couple wonderful mainstream performers. NeYo and Brad Paisley performed. And the coaches opened the show with a group performance. Just incredible… Sad to hear that tomorrow the show will be over and a winner will have been determined.

The Voice, oh how I will miss you…
Artists, how I dream of long successful careers for all of you.
Blake and Adam, please come back for round two… I love you guys.
Cee Lo, keep being you. I heart you.
Christina, be kinder to opposing contestants & wear more clothes. You are a mom and your body does not suit some of your choices.

I’ve already bought up the songs on iTunes, listened to them, loved them…

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  1. Ky •

    June 29, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Ah! I love these updates. I am going to post my random comments now.

    *Javier is incredible. I really am leaning toward him. His voice is like butter.

    * Carson Daly makes me smile. I don't mind him at all. He's done a good job hosting the show. He's a little stiff, but perhaps that's just the way he stands? 🙂

    * I still heart Adam and I love the relationship that he and Javier have developed. Man in the mirror was AWESOME and both Craig and I agreed that Adam stepped back and let Javier have the spotlight.

    * Christina is a troll. There. I said it for you so that you didn't have to be negative. She has an uncanny ability to turn EVERYTHING into being about her. Boo. However, her voice is a force of nature.

    * Beverly is awesome. Her solo performance was cool. She's definitely balls out and I love that. 🙂

    * Dia has REALLY stepped it up, no? You can FEEL that she WANTS THIS. And, I adore her relationship with Blake. I want to be his friend.

    *Vicci – While she's good – I kinda/sorta hope that she doesn't win.

    Awesome show. And, I too am sad that it's about to be over. 🙁

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