Melanie Jeanne

52 Reasons I Love You Deck

As I’ve been mentioning, has become an incredible inspiration to me. I am truly enjoying exploring and pinning all that is magical to me. My interests expand from yummy recipes, motivational quotes, style ideas, home decor, vacation inspiration and DIY projects.
I fell in love with the idea of creating a small book of 52 Reasons why I love someone. From a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or child… The idea of taking a moment to express your affection for an individual was lovely to me.
So I set out to complete this project for my tiny human. First, the project is easy and enjoyable. Thinking of 52 reasons why I love her was a no brainer. And she will always have a tiny book of words from the heart from me. Some day she can revisit and remember just how incredible I think she is.
Creating a little bit of magic for my tiny human… Rewarding.
thank you pinterest.:)

** Final project below – I’ve not determined my cover yet… So, that still remains.

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