Melanie Jeanne

I Need a Pintervention

First and foremost… Pinterest is essentially a digital cork board. Remember when you were a kid and in your room hung a cork board. You covered it with magazine cut outs of outfits you wanted, the latest and greatest Swatch Watch, the clear phone, maybe a page from Teen Beat and many other objects that caught your attention. Well… Pinterest is just that, a digital cork board.

And this site has changed my life. I LOVE it. And I need a pint-er-vention. I love browsing the sight and re-pinning items of interest. Items for house and home, clothes and styles, re-decorations I’d love to make to my home, “someday” details of life, food and recipes; just about anything you want to remember, revisit and recreate.

I have found that all these years of wondering what MY STYLE is has been answered. There are common threads as it pertains to my clothing wishes, my home desires and those things I find inspiring. I am finally able to look at common images and see just what my style is. I know most everyone ready this could have easily pinpointed my style, but I always wondered. I always wondered, because I did not know if my style was my style by default as it was all I ever knew or if it was truly an expression of me. I am finding a bot of both to be true… I see the possibilities and I see the trends of now.

At the end of the day… I love this site. I can get lost on this site. I enjoy all things about this site. In heaven, truly in heaven… Dreams and desires on a digital cork board… Why didn’t I think of that?

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