Melanie Jeanne

And So The Countdown Begins

It is August 1st and come August 6th I will be turning 30… I look forward to this adventure. I look forward to this next decade. I look forward to really starting life. 0-10 was filled with FUN and learning. Filled with no cares and exploring. 10-20 was filled with finding myself and fitting in. Filled with puppy love and heart break. Filled with accomplishment and new journeys. 20-30 has been filled with love and sadness. Filled with growing up and never giving up. Filled with child like wonder and adult perspective.

I look forward to 30-40… I believe 30 is a great age… the age where the fears of a child, excuses of a teen and struggles of an adult have all shaped me into a lady. A lovely lady.

I’m excited… That’s all. 🙂

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