Melanie Jeanne

Another Day, Another Change

And so a new adventure begins… My little one year old, my sweet tiny human, my Doodle… She is growing up. These past two weeks she has been transiting from the infant room at daycare to the toddler room. Lovingly known as Jackrabbits and Gila Monsters.
Last week she spent the week visiting and eating breakfast with her new teachers. She was exploring her new surroundings and meeting her new pals. She would visit for a half day and then head back to her comfort zone. This week the opposite has been in place. Her time has been spent mainly in the tods room, learning her new routine and her new surroundings.
The struggles… My tiny human just isn’t herself. She is whiny, grumpy, throwing tantrums like I’ve never experienced before. She is crying frequently, she is fussy constantly, she has fallen out of her sleep routine and she just isn’t herself. Her general disposition is that of a skeptical person. Quiet and observant while showing kindness and her big heart as she warms up… The girl I’ve got right now – not so much.
The joys… My sweet tiny human is growing up. She is showing such growth in motor skills, in observation, in exploration. She is amazingly keen on her surroundings and getting into new and wonderful adventures (going up stairs, opening containers, learning sounds and enjoying scents).
Truth be told… I am so very proud of her. So very proud of the little soul she is, of the little explorer she is becoming, of the sweet heart she has and the joy she exudes. This too shall pass, this transition will come to end, she will complete the process and we will swing back into our routine. Until then, God give me strength. And until then, give Avery peace of mind… She must be feeling fear and nerves. Change is scary, but I want her to understand change can also be a positive adventure.

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