Melanie Jeanne

Everybody Wants…

And I am no different. I want. I want a lot of things… A cleaner house, a perfect life, well behaved pups, expensive jewelry, a bit more pocket change.

But, there is a desire that drives me to want “things”, things I may not have, things I may not be able to afford, but things I feel emulate me… So here’s a snap shot.

An Instant Camera… A trip to Disney is coming up and I want to capture the moments at my finger tips. I think this instant camera would be a lovely way to create a journal on the go. A bike, with a basket… yes, please. A fabulous purse that is neutral in every way, but with a pop of color. Vera Bradley luggage… I’ll for my bag. 🙂 B.O.O.T.S. Simple little additions. Nude shoes … Classy. A tattoo to celebrate AVERY.

It’s all materialistic and matters not, but oh the joys in dreaming.

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