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Here’s what I know; life is always going to be a challenge, the goals and expectations you have for yourself are the only ones in your control and that truly matter, just because you reach an age where you are ready to approach life more maturely doesn’t mean that all others are at that same place, be the woman you long to be because there is no other judge and jury that matters (if you love you, that’s all you need. if you don’t like you, why should anyone else), follow your heart most often, feel every feeling organically, give as much love as you long to receive, speak honestly and openly, drink red wine because it is delicious and solves all world problems in one night, give everyone your undivided attention (if you’re giving them your time, give them all of it in that moment), get facials your skin will thank you, eat what you desire (your bum many not love you, but your life will be full), bake and bake often, always lick the brownie batter bowl, dress up for no good reason at all, wear your favorite clothes twice in one week (who really cares after all), fill your life with the things you love and the people who tolerate them, forgive, add hot sauce to everything, let everyone pile in your bed every so often (Avery, Zoe and Lucky all sleep so soundly when they are with me and so do I), leave hearty tips, explore the world, do nothing occasionally, wash your face every night before bed, let others be who they are, love unconditionally, love yourself!

I turned 30 this weekend. It was lovely and perfect. Friends, family, food, laughter and love. I could not have asked for a better start to a new year and a new decade for that matter. My skin feels good and I enjoy living in it. 🙂

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