Melanie Jeanne

Music Makes Everything Better

Music makes all the difference. It wasn’t an inparticularly bad day, in fact it has been amazing thus far. A little cuddle time with my sweet pea, a morning wake-up call, a coffee run, a cool breeze and a high of 96 degrees. Things are great actually. However, sitting at my desk and zoning into work and the tasks ahead, I put in my earbuds, turned on my iPod and suddenly it all got better.

It is amazing how quickly a song can change your outlook. How hearing a happy tune can make things better. And in this morning of highly focused work I have found myself cycling through memories as songs begin and end. Of tapping my toes and smiling to myself.

Jan Arden’s Insensative played towards the start of the day. That song came out when I was in middle school and it immediately took me back to the days of crushes and imagined heartbreak was at an all time high. It made me smile, it made me smile from my core because in that quick moment I was reminded that all things pass, all things get better and life continues. Then I heard Shawn McDonald Gravity and was put in a motivated-to-make-things-better mood. Katy Perry Kissed a Girl, Garret Hedlund & Leighton Meester asked one another to Give it to Me, Gloria Gaynor Survived, Colbie Caillat thinks it’s Brighter Than the Sun, Celine Dion is Taking Chances, Bette Midler got me in the Christmas spirit with Cool Yule & Jesse McCartney is Leavin’…

What a great little music shuffle I’ve got going on. Lunch break complete… Let’s get back to work.

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