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Pinterest Love – Vacation Home

I dream of owning a vacation home. I dream of a lovely little home to escape to with my family. A home where we are near a beach or in the woods. Where we play board games and make sweet treats and catch fire flies (if we are in a location where they reside) and track sand into the house and light candles and cook homemade dinners most nights. Where technology is not the focus, but bonding and escaping is. A places where we can fish and hike in the woods. Where we can build bon fires and cozy up in our warm clothes. Where we can build sand castles and play in the beach air all day. I long for a family escape where we go to fill our cup and a bond after too much focus on school and work. I dream of this home being in Washington state because of the desire to be near beach and woods. I dream of spending 4th of July in the family home and watching fireworks over the water, whale watching in the summer, taking ferries to the San Juan’s… I love dreaming…

***Some sweet homes on the Pinterest that spark my dreaming juices as it pertains to my vacation home***

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