Melanie Jeanne

Planning an Escape

I’m not sure when… But, I do believe my tiny human and I will be taking a little road trip. I am inspired by the northern Arizona cities. Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff… They have tall pines, historic brick buildings, leaves changing colors and cooler weather.
Doodle and I spend our weekends doing chores and playing with the pups. We spend them grocery shopping and relaxing with the folks. We spend them cuddled up in our home and racing around to complete tasks. I think it is time we slow our pace down, remove timelines and deadlines and just relax.
We may wake at 6am everyday, but I am ready to wake at 6am and drink a coffee, enjoy a breakfast, cuddle under covers to watch a movie or go walk/hike a trail. It seems real life has deadlines and timelines, expectations and restrictions and I am ready for a pace-less day. I’m ready for a day where the clock doesn’t matter and cell phones don’t work. I’m ready for a day where nature surrounds us and where Avery can experience a little change in pace herself.

Maybe not this weekend, but one weekend soon… We are escaping.

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  1. Mrs. LL

    September 29, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Ohhh I love this blog!! I totally agree with you and think you should do it!! And make more often!! This lady I met asked me what day of the month I was born. She said that day each month you should do something for JUST you. Hair, nails, facials, getaway, indulging.. something. xoxo

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