Melanie Jeanne

Social Media & Me

It is official… I am addicted to Social Media outlets.

I entered the world of Twitter yesterday and LOVE it (wish I had more followers though). Facebook has been part of my social structure since it was invented. I have been blogging for 3 years. And Pinterest, oh Pinterest… I have been pinning for 1.5 months. And I cannot get enough of this world.

I love what each outlet provides a way to express myself. Twitter is a sweet little space to send out short little thoughts, random little details and photos in the moment. Enjoying it thus far, just need to find more folks to follow and be followed by. Facebook lets me stay in touch with my friends & family across the country and it has turned into my life photo albums. I enjoy knowing what my friends are up to and essentially journaling little tid bits of my day. Blogging is an outlet for my creative mind where I go to truly purge words. Sometimes it is beautiful and it flows and it makes perfect sense. Other times it’s a quick snap shot at what I am interested in and random unimportant thoughts. And Pinterest is my heaven on earth. It has allowed me to let my creative juices flow again. I am inspired to create, organize, redecorate, cook and explore. I love pinning, re-pinning and reviewing pins.

What can I say… I’m there. And in my head all the opportunities of social media swirl.

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