Melanie Jeanne

Turning “Want To” to “All Done”

There came a time in my life when I stopped wishing I had done certain things, when I stopped wishing and longing to take vacations, when I stopped dreaming of redecorating my home, when I stopped looking at others fortune and wished for my own… It was a time not too long ago when I stopped planning and started living. A time when I turned wants into dones, dreams into reality and wishes into plans. I stopped being an observer in my own life and chose to be a player. And… as a result, I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time.

I am very blessed. I have a daughter that is precious beyond belief. I have a family that is more supportive than I deserve. Friends that are motivating, beautiful, kind, giving and inspiring. I have co-workers that are intelligent and cool. I am one lucky lady. However, I failed to follow my own dreams, to fulfill my own desires, to chase my own rainbows. I am great at cheering on others, supporting their ambitions, but I easily forget my own. I easily walk away from myself in order to support another. I quickly change my focus in an effort to prevent others from changing their own.

Now, now I am chasing my dreams and supporting others. I am maintaining my focus and not getting distracted by another’s. I proud of my friends and family and of myself. It is a wonderful feeling to make yourself a priority too. It is a wonderful feeling to do what you want, live the way that feels good to you and follow dreams that have been sitting stagnate in your heart for a while.

This is a cool life. And though my dreams and goals are simple by anyone’s standards, they are mine and they are no longer going unnoticed by me. This is my life and I am so excited to be living it.

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