Melanie Jeanne

It Takes a Storm…

… to see a rainbow.

I’ve been a pistol. I’ve been dweebing. I’ve been moody, emotional and in a “woe is me” kind of place. It isn’t attractive and doesn’t suit me well either. But, it is the reality of the way it’s been around here as of late. And the silver lining is starting to shine through.

The silver lining… the only way to see the rainbow is to weather the storm. I am of the belief that the best way to learn life’s lessons are by living them. Boy am I challenging myself right now. I am living like I love learning.

The thing of it is… I have been emotionally and physically drained. I’ve been frustrated and fearful. But, at the end of the day… I’ve realized the lesson and I am doing my homework. The rain is pouring and the rainbow is glowing.

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