Melanie Jeanne

Unfortunate Blessings

Blessing come in all shapes and sizes. Today’s blessing came in the form of a burst water pipe and a flooded house. At 4:30am I stepped in a huge puddle. A hallway full of puddle actually. The walls were seeping water and the root was no where to be found.

The plumber came out at 6:30am and confirmed my fears that it was a broken pipe underground. So, the fella locating the break will be at the house at 11am and the plumber will be back according to his schedule later today or sometime tomorrow. In the very near future we will have water again and no broken pipes.

However, the adventure is just beginning. The floors will be tore up and broken into in order to find the source and of course fix it. Avery’s bedroom flooring is already soaked through and the Pergo in the family room is currently warping due to the seeping water.

So… those blessings I was talking about… I have not loved my flooring since I bought the home. In fact there are five types of flooring throughout my house. 5! And they are a bit tacky and competing with one another. So… the new adventure I am on is replacing the flooring. Obviously the essential rooms first. But, since the family room connects to the dining room fluidly and there are only two carpeted rooms, it seems like a bite the bullet kind of deal.

And the main blessing… Avery, the pups and I are all SAFE! Though this feels like a disaster now, it certainly isn’t the worst thing to ever happen.

…Home Sweet Home Ownership…

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