Melanie Jeanne

Light the Night Walk: Taking Steps to Cure Cancer

It may impact you directly, it may impact you distantly, it may impact you indirectly, but one thing is certain we all know CANCER. We may not all know the emotional, physical and lasting impact cancer has on individuals, their families and their friends. We may not know what it feels like to FIGHT for our lives, to SURVIVE. But, we all know it touches lives from 1 to 100. We know the victims are undeserving of the disease. We know that it’s haunting and a burden. We know some are easy to fight, some cannot be fought and some are yet to be found… We know we may not need help ourselves, but that we can help. We know it sucks…

So… This Saturday, November 12th let’s Light the Night in Tempe, AZ at Tempe Arts Park.

The walk supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It is a night where friends and family can join hands and hold their red lit balloons high while lighting the night to fight. This year help support my dear friend and her families team “Team Swedish Fish”. They’ve fought, they’ve fought hard twice and they’ve won. They know just how valuable the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is to all patients, families of patients and the community. Let’s give back; one cancer at a time, one fight to be won, one walk…


Support Team Swedish Fish

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