Melanie Jeanne

Simplifying Life…

… One task at a time.

Simplify my life… Yep, that is what I am on a mission to do. One detail at a time. One overly full closet and room and drawer and purse, at a time. I always thought my life was simple. I always thought I was a simple gal. But, nothing teaches you just how much baggage you carry until a pipe breaks, until a divorce is final, until a car needs a wash…

So I am simplifying my life. And I am being fairly cut throat about it. Why would I need to keep 3 mops in the hallway closet? Is there a need to keep a coat I’ve not worn in over 5 years? Should I keep 16 white t-shirts just in case? And before buying a new lotion why don’t I finish the one in the cupboard?

After having to move my “office” around the house three times, Avery’s crib into my room (after disassembling it) and preparing to move all the furniture throughout the house as the floors get replaced, the walls are re-dry-walled and the paint is freshened… It is clear to me that it is time to rid my life of the clutter. To organize my being. To simplify what I thought was a simple life.

First step, reduce my Facebook fan base. This was an easy one… Who would I like to see photos of my sweet girl? Who should know when my divorce is final? Who will meet the new man in my life (if only via cyber space)? That’s who I keep. Them and only them. And as quickly as I reviewed 483 friends reduced to 226. There will be further cuts, but that was all I could do in one day and still feel like a productive human. I also deleted the engagement, wedding and honeymoon photos. It just felt like it was time. Additionally, I updated my linked in profile. How is that simplifying you ask… Well, you see every time I signed in the darn thing pushed me to update my profile. I was sick of the reminder and therefore I took control of it and updated the darn thing. It also allows me to feel at peace that there is a record of my career out there that I can reference when need be, no more worry about that.

Next… House, personal accounting and the cosmetic fixes that MUST take place post pipe burst. The cosmetic fixes will take time due to the financial ramifications. The personal accounting will also take time based on financial standings, income versus bills and of course life happenings. And the house… well that is underway. I have decided to short sell it, to take the reins and to take control of this failing housing market (updates to follow).

So what used to feel like a chaotic mess will soon become a simplified life. One task at a time. One day at a time. One chore after another…

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