Melanie Jeanne


5 YEARS… 5 magical years and millions of memories.

Dear House on Larkspur, Good Ol’ 322-

Thank you. Thank you for being the start of a magical journey. 5 years ago when I started the home buying adventure, you were the home I wanted. You were the cozy little joint half-way between work and the life I knew. You were just the right size, with just the right amount of me and enough blank space to create something all mine.
Thank you 322, you brought me closer to my dad through the home rennovation process. Knocking down walls, removing florecent lighting, painting every corner of the place. The journey began in March 2007 and by July 2007, the place was just right!
Thank you for being the home that has kept me safe for the past five years. You have been the structure I returned to after vacations, you were where I planned my wedding, where I became a mom to my pups Lucky & Zoe, you were the cozy little palace that I snuggled in through pregnancy and you were Avery’s first home. You have seen a lot, you too have been through a lot… Pups peeing, Zoe chewing walls, Lucky barking, loud music, pipes bursting, some fights, baby cries and lots of love, laughter and living of life.
After 5 years and one year filled with much change you are becoming the home of another family. One that fell in love with you the moment they walked in. This will happen this January. Please enjoy the new adventure you will be on.
Thank you for the 5 years of safety, security and life.

Love – Mel

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  1. Ky •

    December 30, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    WOW! Congrats on the sale.

    Memories, memories…

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