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Blog Evolution

As with all things, evolution occurs. And as with this blog, I wanted it to become more ME. For 3 years I have blogged intermittently and enjoyed sharing my life’s process. As my readers, my friends and even strangers, you’ve heard about my marriage, my pregnancy, my divorce, my career, my dogs and the in-betweens. And I felt it was a fine time to start writing from a truly organic perspective.

I was originally inspired by a work associate in Two Pretzels. Her writing is witty and awesomely honest. I loved the outlet a blog provided. A place to share experiences and connect with others similar to you. Individuals who associate with something you say, whom you can relate to as well and a forum by which all can share.

Over the years I’ve followed many blogs and learned why I still indeed love this forum. There is no other place to share, to support and to learn as there is in the world of blogging. The women I follow are true inspirations, with incredible stories and invaluable perspective. Their words unknowingly provide guidance and advice. Their stories provide humor and commonalities. Their vulnerability and courage provide guidance and empowerment.

And so it is with excitement and focus that the evolution of “Quirky Chaos” begins. I love writing, I know I should journal and I’ve lived a life all my own. I am so excited to reinvigorate my blog, try to provide content that is enjoyable and continue to follow my passion.

Thank you friends, family and readers… I am grateful for your support as you inspire me!

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