Melanie Jeanne

Company Culture at It’s Finest

I am intrigued and rather thrilled about the approach to company culture and employee satisfaction Red Frog Events has taken. For a unique little start-up in Chicago, IL. they are making waves and advancements in cultural and employment field.

Where to begin, where to start and what to say… This place is awesome. Currently coming from an online environment, their website is cool, inviting and easily navigated. Having worked in an agency in my past life, their cooler than a cucumber approach to the physical environment is such that most anyone would love to be part of the team… A tree house in the middle of the office, a conference table made out of Legos, a rock climbing wall. I’m in!!! And the benefits… Oh me, oh my. Unlimited vacation days, $0 out of pocket for individual and family coverage on insurance, 12 week maternity 100% paid, 2 weeks paternity 100% paid, forced Sabbatical (every 5 years a Red Frog employee MUST take a 4 week, fully paid sabbatical with one person of their choice to South America, Europe, Asia or Africa), 100% match on 401k, 1 work from home day per week… And the list goes on. And while I am completely a pitter patter while typing this it’s not all about the benefits, but rather the emotional decision to run a company like this.

Red Frog makes sound decisions on the way by which they will run their company and in doing so, they’ve created a culture that far surpasses most companies. Their choice to provide such a culture:
1. Treating employees as the adults they are
2. Reducing costs
3. Ease of recruitment
4. Mutual appreciation
5. Elevated happiness
6. Increased performance

Doesn’t get much better than that now does it?

**** I usually do not put career and work posts on my blog solely as I like to keep this personal and light, however, this is a topic I am passionate about and find intriguing as so many companies have the best of intentions, but inevitably miss the mark. Or their best of intentions go by the way side as their company grows.

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