Melanie Jeanne

Happy Heart

The simple pleasures that make life magical… The kairos moments that make it all worth while… The time when time stands still… The moment all the hard washes away and it’s easy… The moment your heart say ah…

It’s wonderful to have those moments and every so often they happen when its possible to truly appreciate them. Today was 24hours full of moments and my heart is happy.

– Waving good bye to my Doodle as she laughs and plays with her grandparents
– Friendships that happen at their own pace, as they should, when they should
– Lunch time chatter with dear friends
– Hearing my baby yell mama when she see’s me after a long day at work
– Helping friends when they need it most and watching peace enter their heart
– Seeing the face of the man I love
– Hugging his girls
– Having a dance party in the family room with all our girls
– Avery falling asleep on my chest like the baby days
– Having a moment to myself to blog, breathe & just be

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