Melanie Jeanne

Introducing QUIRKY CHAOS

And so it begins. My journey. Through my life and sometimes yours. Where words come from a loving and honest place. Where experiences are shared. Where dreams can grow. And where we remain a community able to support one another through life’s challenges.

I long to share those things that are part of me. I long to share moments and memories. I long to share things that are not so easy to share in an effort to heal and those things that are joyful for sweet relief.

As we’ve all learned, life doesn’t always turn out as we mapped it out. It isn’t always as it seems. Life is a magical journey, but that journey is hard and trying. That journey brings trials and tribulations. That journey is genuinely and organically our own.

I want to enjoy life’s journey and the magic that is something so simple yet so unique. I want to try new recipes and ruin them. Trip and fall while jogging. Put Avery in clothes backwards with her shoes on the wrong feet. I want to stumble through this life full of heart and passion.

And that is where “Quirky Chaos” came from. I remain the same. The content of C’est La Vie remains. However, this blog has evolved in an effort to be truer to myself and the life I lead. I am easy going and laid back, high strung and on edge. I am energetic and passionate, scared and anxious. And life, this life, it is chaotic.

This is the journey of a single mother, with a toddler and a boyfriend, two schedules, two sets of kids, two dogs, two houses, two careers, many goals, ideals and opinions. This is my life, beautifully mine, quirky as ever and chaotic in the most magical way…

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