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Maintaining New Years Resolutions

Making New Years Resolutions… is it a wise choice?
When reviewing my past commitments to it, not so much. But, when thinking about what a resolution is meant to accomplish, I think it is incredibly wise.

So this year I took a completely unique approach at my resolutions. I am working from the inside out, not the outside in. I am focused on improving the core of me versus the things I’m not a fan of. Rather than focusing on details, I’m taking the big picture approach to a resolution or two.

So far, SUCCESS.

And it is two fold. One, I am improving those things at the core of me and two I am working to stay consistent in follow through with projects I begin.
From the outside looking in, one might be confused with the approach, one might believe cooking at home 3x a week is quite surface, but the goals I wrote and the way by which I derived my resolutions was very deep in thinking and valuable in reasoning.

My suggestion to all:
1. Write a journal entry recapping 2011
2. Identify the major core values you have, the major components of your life & your basic needs (financial, relationships, work, health, etc)
3. Make notes of the changes you seek to accomplish
4. Write a letter to 2011 closing that chapter
5. Write a letter to 2012 launching the year; stating those core values, goals & dreams you want to meet
6. Convert that journal entry into a VISION BOARD, displaying all those goals as images with meaning
7. Post it somewhere where you will see it often

I have been working through this and I am finally at the image stage of my resolutions. And I believe that I have made some goals that are well worth accomplishing. They may seem surface from the outside, but when reviewed again, the deeper meaning and the daisy chain to get to that goal is simply at the root of me.

be active 3 times weekly – this is not to lose weight or gain muscle, this effort is not in vain. It is an effort to get more active, take Avery to the park, improve my energy and in some cases spend quality time with myself… all in the effort to be better for those around me and improving my peace of mind.
eat at home 3 times a week – this is an activity in improving our health, saving money and carving out quality time with one another in a busy life. The primary goal is getting our finances in order and ensuring that there is open communication happening in our family.

These are only some, however, these are goals I intend to make habits.
Best to all you in your efforts for 2012 as well!

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