Melanie Jeanne

my doodle

She is incredible, that kid of mine is. She is so much her father, yet carries sprinkles of me. She is pint sized still and so incredibly cute. She has remained contemplative while bursting with joy. And she is mine, she is all of ours.

Avery Grace is one of those kiddos that keeps you guessing. She slept through the night at 1 month, yet struggled to fade to sleep at 14 months. She enjoyed table food immediately, but still won’t eat vegetables. She used to go anywhere with anyone, now she won’t leave my side. She used to be quite even keel, now she is all colors of the emotional rainbow. And right when I believed she was entering her “terrific two’s”, well, she left it just as quickly and found happy again.

This is one awesome little blessing and for the first time I believe that I am slowing down to appreciate her in all her glory. She is a tiny power house of love and boy is my heart overflowing. We have our little things we do, just me and her and we love them. But, what’s more… She has these little things she does, they are joyful and deliberate, they are thought out and concentrated and they mimic those she loves. Last night she picked up my computer and started playing around, I pretend she was blogging. 🙂 This morning as we walked Zoe, she took a potty bag and started picking up all the rocks in the neighborhood. When she hears music, if only in her heart, she dances with wild abandon. She says Zoe and Arkham’s names with such love. When she sees a motorcycle she calls out J’s name. When she’s tired in the car we rock out to J’s old band eBomb and she fades fast to sleep. She pets Zoe with gusto. And jams her mouth full of food. She loves hershey kisses. And cuddles into me after a long day away from one another. She is perfectly independent and peacefully loving. Avery is Avery Grace and that is exactly who I want her to be.

I just hope I don’t screw this one up. xo

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