Melanie Jeanne

Operation 2012

Operation 2012 officially starts today. And this year I am not approaching my goals from a resolution perspective, but rather from an Operation and Vision perspective. I am currently working on a Vision Board to display the images that convey my resolutions. I have determined my resolutions for the different categories of my life. From emotional, physical and financial. To family, relationships and passions. Some are deeply personal, so are frivolous and materialistic in nature and some are your basic everyday goals that most people set year after year and strive for continually.

While still working through the process and my Vision Board I can share this… I am mapping out plans to pay off some dreaded financial debts, my goal is to make dinner at home three nights a week (this affords for left overs, money saved and better eating for my wee one), I am interested in being active 3 times a week (park visits with the little one, gym stops with the man, jogs to clear my mind and the occasional yoga or spinning sessions), I also desire to journal for myself as well write in a journal that is a letter to Avery (life happens too fast and I want Avery to know that she has been and will always be so very special to me), I want to pursue passions that I have always taken interest to and I want to challenge myself monthly by trying something, new something out of my confort zone and something that grows me as an individual.

I am a work in progress and as such some of these goals I may succeed at pursuing, while I am certain I may fail at others. But, overall… I want to ensure I lived my life to the fullest. Each and everyday.

Best of luck with your resolutions, goals and your very own operation 2012… May this new year bring joy, happiness, love and laughter to you and yours!

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