Melanie Jeanne

Toddlers. Tattoos. TV.

Its toddler time in this house and we are heading into our “terrific two’s”. The fussy is at an all time high. And sleep is an invaluable commodity. Joy and laughter are also at an all time high. Chatter and play are in full swing. Some favorite’s include – UP, the pups, walking Arkham, hershey kisses, coloring, playing in her stroller, cuddles & pony tails. What a special time in our lives. Singing, joy, laughter, grumpies, tantrums, dancing, playing, sleeping, exploring, living. It’s my heaven.

Craving a new fancy addition. Location (ribcage) selected. Design, to be determined. I know that the latest fancy addition will not be words. I know that the new fancy addition will be art. A creative display of strength, courage, peace and love. Something that conveys the woman I am and the woman I am becoming. I know it will be down the right side of me and I have imagined it will stretch to my back and link all the tattoos together somehow so that there is a cohesion of art and fluidity. Still in the inspiration phase. I predict it will be another two years before the work is done. Updates on inspiration to follow.

I’ve not had a television in my bedroom for nearly two weeks. I am starting to get used to fading to sleep without any background noise. For nearly 20 years I’ve had a television in my bedroom. Growing up there were rules, television was not to be watched as we faded to sleep. However, in my teens and through my 20’s I faded to sleep nearly every night with the television on. It became routine to wake in the middle of the night and catch a couple minutes of the TV show I faded to sleep watching, most often Friends. And up until the move two weeks ago this was tradition. I moved with only one television and chose to put the tv in the family room. I am learning to use the family room as a family room and I am getting the best nights rest I’ve gotten since I can remember.

Life is good in this Quirky Chaos. And sleep, well, as of late, that is sound.

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