Melanie Jeanne

Words Hurt Even When You’re a Grown Up

I could have used this small bit o’ advice this morning. I let my feelings and my words collide with a snide comment and hurtful intention. I let my maturity diminish and my personal desire to speak words that sting prevail. I let my hurt feelings and my anger in regard to a situation win over being a grown up and speaking as such.

The trouble with words is they last longer in the head and heart then they do in the mouth. They hurt more than intended. They leave a scar as deep as an open wound. And they can be revisited over and over.

Today I wish I had caught my tongue sooner and heeled my heart already so that my words didn’t fly like they did.

The beauty of this moment… I can learn from it. Do better tomorrow. And resolve to heel all that lingers.

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