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Baking with Avery Grace

We baked today… Our first time firing up our oven and popping something yummy inside.

After stirring up some yummy sugar cookies the oven was fired up and heating up for an adventure. The smoke detector started blaring through our tiny two bedroom home, the pup was barking and the Doodle was a tid bit nervous. After we got the smoke from the “first time fired up” oven, placing dollops of cookie dough on a baking sheet was a breeze. 9 minutes later we had some sugar cookies. A few were burnt, some connected to one another while baking and of course there were a few perfect round ones… I love baking, I am not however, a baker by trade.

Avery climbed up into her high chair and I took position near the stove and the decorating began. I knew this would primarily be an act of doing something together as Avery is not quite at a cookie decorating stage, but boy were the icing and sprinkles tasty. 🙂

Final product, a dozen yummy treats and an hour long adventure with my sweet girl. Best part were the smiles and joy I experienced with Avery. We cleaned the kitchen together and she ended up in the sink in just a diaper with running water… Perfect Saturday morning.

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  1. Kevin Rehberg

    February 29, 2012 at 7:08 am

    those cookies look freaking bomb!!

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