Melanie Jeanne

Chasing Dreams

Dreams. Goals. Ideas.
We all have them. And I believe we all want to pursue them. There is this moment when an idea crosses my mind. And in that moment I know, I know it is something I need to pursue. But, then I forget to write it down. I forget to truly note the moment, note the reasons why and note what it is I want to get out of it…

But, it is time to start pursuing these moments of madness. They are great ideas… Taking photography classes, investing in a nicer camera and following a passion to capture moments, memories and nature beautifully. Take a cooking class or ten, so that our home cooked food tastes a lot more like the restaurants. Also, so that I can expand what ingredients I feel comfortable using. I heard cooking for those you love is showing love in a different form, I think I can agree. Travel. Travel. Travel. There’s nothing quite like planning and taking vacations. It’s an adventure, an opportunity to explore, a time and new place to make memories and learn about culture first hand. Anticipation and participation make for an incredible process. And save money. Save for the future. Save to fulfill dreams. And save for those materialistic wants that are just a bit more than a trip to Target… A new car. A new house. Remodel of a bathroom. Maybe even a membership to the “nice” gym, versus the cheap gym.

Life is a process. A process of goods, bads and normals. It’s a journey of living within reality, learning from our pasts, growing and planning for our futures. And through that process we cannot forget our dreams, goals and ideas. They are sometimes what keep us going. They are sometimes the little things to look forward to in the next chapter.

Time to start chasing my dreams. Mapping out my goals. And following up on those good ideas.

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