Melanie Jeanne

Doodle and the Disease

It happened. My little rug rat got really sick. And it was surprising. More from the perspective that it came and attacked so fiercely and rapidly. Two weeks ago on a Saturday we were playing and all was well. She had her normal overnight with her daddy and at trade off, he indicated she struggled through the night. Not two hours later she had a 102 degree fever, red swollen eyes, runny nose and complete misery was occurring. Super Bowl Sunday turned into managing a sickie baby day and enjoying a night in with the man. Nearing bed time, her temperature was checked again and it had gone up to 103. I knew we were in trouble, but thought it may be a 24 hour bug. Monday was a day with grandma, thank heavens. The fever, still not breaking, indicated it was time to head to the pediatrician.

Tuesday visit = diagnosis of RSV. And so the journey began… 8 days of treatment every four hours. My girl, well she wasn’t at all pleased with this part of the process and acted as if I and those administering treatment were literally killing her one minute at a time. It broke my heart. 8 days in there was another doc visit and progress was good, but we were not complete. For 10 more days we must administer treatment in the morning and the evening with extra meds in the breathing tube. Then 10 days of bed time treatment with just breathing meds.

My poor sweet baby… She still hates the process, but has settled into it with a focus and potentially a sense of giving into what must be. She sits in my lap now with little whimpers, no more screams. Death is no longer imminent.

It breaks my heart that my Doodle is so sick she has to go through this treatment process. However, it makes me so grateful for medicine and good doctors. She is in good hands with her pediatrician and he knows her so well… The moment he walked in he knew it was something big. And I love that I can have complete trust in him, he knows what he is doing and my Doodle is in good hands.

We are through the muck of it. On an upswing. Sweet Avery Grace is back to herself and taking the meds as need be. First battle with something a bit more major and we won… Thank goodness.

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