Melanie Jeanne

I’m A Monkee!

You ask what’s that? That is an individual who “belongs to their community and their fellow monkee’s”, “someone who can do hard things” knowing all along that “love wins”.

I stumbled into being a Monkee… Oh Facebook, good ol’ Facebook. The world of sharing our lives afforded me the opportunity to read a blog post Glennon had written called “Don’t Carpe Diem”. It was uplifting, it was loving, it was real and it was the truth, at least my truth for sure. So I came back the next day, and again the words were me. They spoke my truths. They spoke my fears and my sadness. They spoke my life. And I started to relate even more than before.

Next thing you know I was visiting Momastery daily. Daily seems ridiculous, but daily there are words that make me cry, laugh, melt my heart, make me feel like a normal person and a better mom because someone out there is telling it honestly. And to be frank… Glennon is a recovering addict; I’ve loved addicts. And her courageous words around her “stuff” sometimes make me feel braver to face my “stuff”.

And I read. I read to learn. I read to grow. I read to connect. And I read to relate. And this morning there was a post “Kairos for Croyles”. It was a heart breaking post about a family facing the most difficult hurdle of their lives. A momma of 8, wife of 1 and member of a loving community is battling stage 4 cancer. There was an all call to the Monkees to donate, to make this momma’s secret dream of a family vacation come true. And the word spread, so far and so fast that within 10 hours $25k was raised.

And this is why I am proud to be a Monkee. Because all that was requested was prayer. And a secret desire for a vacation turned into a Monkee Mission. I am proud to be a loving member of a group of spectacular individuals that love all unconditionally.


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  1. Aimee

    February 10, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Love DOES win. Glad to be a Monkee with you!

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