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Beckette’s Table – Adventure’s of a Foodie

And so the Foodie Adventure’s begin…
What makes a food adventure enjoyable? The food, most definitely. The people, without a doubt. The atmosphere, of course. The drinks, they help. It’s a combination of all factors melding into one unique experience. And that unique experience being one that is worthy of a re-visit in the future. Additionally, it could be the experience of none of those factors working together. Therefore the experience, though a complete fail, is also one for the memory books.

I, I am a foodie. Not a foodie of the snobbish kind, rather a girl who LOVES food. Always have been, always will be. I’m the girl who can take down a meal, who loves to try new things, who can truly enjoy everything from the presentation, to the scents, to the dim lighting and the undertones of music. I can enjoy the service and the quirky waitress. I can enjoy the tiling in a bathroom and the hostess stands structure. I can enjoy the lamps in the window and the materials and textures that surround me. I love the foodie experience. And I love who I share my foodie experiences with…

This past Saturday the reservation was booked, the weather was perfect and the night was getting started. The mode of transportation – Harley Davidson. It was a lovely 85 degrees, the sun was setting, we were headed into the sunset. The views from the bike were stunning and the warm breeze surrounding us was freeing. As we pulled up to Beckette’s Table the quaint structure was inviting. The double sided fire place was roaring. The lights were flickering. Dinner service had begun.

Always thrilled to experience something new, I was excited to see what a quaint and inviting little joint Beckette’s Table was. The exterior was typical Arcadia. Block building, wrought iron, cement flooring, rectangular windows and plush greenery. We were seated immediately, our server was friendly and knowledgable. Drinks (a dirty martini and proseco) were ordered and evaluating the menu began. The food; down home. The basic flavors that stood out; bacon, cheese, biscuits, chicken, beef… Comfort. We kept it simple with a grilled cheese and tomato soup appetizer. Followed by chicken and stuffing for my fella and beef bourguignon shepherds pie for me. A side of bacon and cheddar biscuits was ordered as well. It was stick to your ribs comfort food. Succulent and fresh. Everything was cooked to perfection. The pairing of a grilled cheese and bacon sammie with thick tomato soup to start was scrumptious. It was a perfect mix of comfort at it’s finest and most basic turned into something magical. Our entrees were portioned generously. The biscuit stuffing and chicken were a perfect pairing, juicy and homey. The shepherd’s pie was bursting with flavor, large chunks of beef, potatoes and carrots. All enjoyed with bacon and cheddar biscuits that were to die for. It was the kind of meal I wish I had the ability to cook at home. Delicious and homey, flavorful and seemingly simple. Num. Num.

The night was wonderful. The food was fresh with locally grown products used. The service was lovely and attentive. The atmosphere was quaint, classic with modern touches. The restroom was incredible and the wine cooler was one I would love in my home someday. The ride was beautiful. And the company and conversation, well that made the night.

Head to Beckette’s Table if you would love to see the owners at work. Head there is you want to get ideas in decorating your next home. Head there to experience comfort food in a quaint environment. Head there for their local selection. Just head there…

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