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* Adventures of a Foodie * The Making of a Fashionista * Hobby Hunting * Becoming an Explorer of the World *

Starting this month I am going to start writing about my passions. Food. Fashion. Hobbies. It is time to foster creativity and manifest my passions through focus and determination. I have mentioned, on more than one occasion, that I have multiple passions I would like to pursue. And that is where it has ended thus far. I’ve told you, I’ve told myself and I’ve left it here, in black and white, within the pages of this blog. It is time to take it off the proverbial paper and make it happen.

So starting now, I am going to write about things that drive me, inspire me, motivate me and push me to create, dream and live. It is time to move from intention to purpose. It is time to speak about what I live and live what I speak about.

“Adventures of a Foodie” will be a feature that communicates about dining experiences around the Valley and through travels. Focusing on the food, the experience and the atmosphere. Me and my man eat our way through our weekends. Foodies we are, judgmental we are not. Anything goes as it is a food experience we are looking for, a new cool hot spot and a memory to share. From tried and true favorites, to new experiences. The journey of eating my way through life will be shared.

“The Making of a Fashionista” will document my most recent loves… Shoes, styles and the like. Where I am no fashionista, I have clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. And opinions about clothes. And favorite styles and looks. And styles that motivate me and inspire me to become more of a fashionista. So, here I will document my journey in becoming just a little bit more hip, a little bit more fashion forward and little bit more myself.

“Hobby Hunting” will document my journey in exploring my hobbies and finding passions. Here I will take chances in cooking, photography, activities and more. I will explore new opportunities and tell the tales of those I’ve taken. I will pursue interests and share my findings.

“Becoming an Explorer of the World” is the journey I am on to travel, travel, travel. No city is too small, no adventure too great. Travel is a source of joy for me and the littlest journey to by a pie in a neighboring county or an adventure around the world can create magic. Here I will share that magic.

The rest of my posts will remain in the one-off format I have kept this blog in since inception. I will write as the words come to me and I will document as feelings flow. This is an activity in pursuing passions and staying focused on life’s journey. Nothing makes me more happy than exploring, exploring anything, as this life is an adventure and journey and

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