Melanie Jeanne

Relish – Adventure’s of a Foodie


What can I say… the Phoenician is an incredible resort, with incredible views and one of the classier locations in the Valley. Relish, does not live up to the hype and panache of the Phoenician. The views… spectacular. My company, my favorite. The service upon seating & during the drink process, lovely. Beyond that, just not impressed.
We never once had a server twice. Not really certain who was responsible for our table. Where I like the team structure of efficiency and attentiveness, it had neither. We were left feeling like a chore and slightly ignored rather than doted on and important. The beverages were delicious. It is however hard to win me over just by delicious drinks and great views.
My man and I are quite easy to please. We like quiet time together. Drinks that are easy to enjoy (what drink isn’t easy to enjoy?). Service that is attentive, yet not overbearing. And an opportunity to try new places and new foods.
I will say this, I understand focus of this particular restaurant happens to be the wide array of tequila, as the Phoenician has an incredible tequila program. This was apparent in the suggestions and communications surrounding the beverages However, the food was just so so. We often times select an appetizer or a salad to share and then a main entry to share. This evening we selected a wedge to share. With a request for no tomatoes… Just a personal preference of ours… The salad came with tomatoes and there was no offer of fresh ground pepper. No big deal…the views were awesome. Then we moved to enjoying a blue burger with tatter tots, burger prepared medium well. The burger came out well with no flavors of blue cheese. There were no visible chunks of the cheese either. And there was an overwhelming amount of sauteed onions. So much so, the onions were all we tasted. The tots… awesome. However, it felt very much like strike two. No one stopped by during our meal to ask if we were enjoying our food or to see if we had everything we needed. Upon completion we asked for the check. Our evening was coming to a close and we were ready to head home.
The evening was an enjoyable one. In which we relaxed into one another’s company and made the most of our kid free evening and Mother’s Day celebration. There will be no suggestions to friends or family to enjoy Relish. It just didn’t blow us away, in fact it underwhelmed us. Better luck on our next adventure… Here’s hoping.


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