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STRYPER – Musical Magic











Beautiful. Incredible.Fun. Rock & Roll. Excitement. Happiness. Breathtaking. Awesome. STRYPER!
My man is a fan… that is the bottom line. This is the band that inspired him to drum. This is the band that played the anthem to his youth. THIS. IS. THE. BAND.

And he shared them with me. I am honored to be invited into this world. This wonderful, magical world of music. This wonderful magical world of 80’s Christian Rock. This wonderful magical world of YELLOW & BLACK. I am honored to listen and learn and love the music that touches his soul.
There have been many occurrences where he has shared a song, sang a lyric and told a story about this here band named Stryper. And in all honesty, I didn’t know if I really got it. If I understood what moved him so. If it all made sense. And then Friday, June 1st happened and just like that I got it. It all fell into place and started making sense. It moved me. I was in awe of their talent. I was inspired by their nature. I was smitten with the lead singer (he sang to me, just to me, for a moment in time, I was his focus… and my man will confirm).
Stryper – they were so talented, so passionate, so engaging and so typically untypical. Totally lived up to the 80’s Rock and Roll era. Robert Sweet still wearing his 80’s gear, big hair, hard riffs, big personality and ROCK. Yet, they are so not the 80’s at all. Not typical in shenanigans and crazy. They are a Christian rock band, rocking about what they believe in… Sharing a message of faith through music that moves us. Michael Sweet¬†speaks a message of gratitude, faith and positive emotion. And there is just something beautiful about a group of extraordinarily talented individuals who have been playing music for 30 years and have the talent and tenacity to play for another 30 years.

I’m sold. I’m ready to rock out again. I’m a fan. There’s nothing quite like standing second row, dancing, cheering, singing along and making eye contact with the band. And all to see this magic with the man I love and one of Stryper’s biggest fans… HEAVEN!

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