Melanie Jeanne

Trouble with the Toddler Bed


Oh the toils of a toddler transitioning into a toddler bed. I am struggling and Avery is enjoying many nights and mornings snuggled in my big fluffy bed (photo above as proof). The “sleeping in her bed” is not the struggle. It is the getting her to fall asleep in her bed, stay in her bed when she wakes, choose to go to her bed, feel safe in her bed, etc. I love this little sweet pea and struggle with the tough loving needed to get through this process. However, I have a strong belief in regard to bed times, bed rooms, independence and feeling safe. At this time, my heart is torn. Torn to bits. And part of me makes up that she would just prefer a big bed. She falls to sleep in doubles, queens and kings with no help. But, her little toddler bed… She struggles. Part of me, fears she is scared to be alone. Part of me thinks she is testing her boundaries and seeing what it would take to make me cave. Part of me thinks I am scarring her for life… She sleeps great. Just not alone. What does a single mommy do, with an odd schedule and a tearing heart? Advice, please.

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