Melanie Jeanne


Oh brother… You were and remain the worlds COOLEST brother. You may have been the one, the one that broke the ice, the one that made blending our families possible. It was you, the one who made having a big blended brother cool. Who took us to the state fair and danced with us at the wedding. Who swam with us at the pool and had us come visit for a couple weeks the following summer. It was you who danced up and down the stairs and sang REM (oh how REM reminds me of you and that summer in Seattle). It was you who allowed us to light fireworks and who taught us how to count to 10 in the dark so our eyes would adjust. It was you, you were cool. You were the one without judgement who welcomed the M Team to the Colley family so quickly and willingly and lovingly. It was you who accepted us as sisters.

How blessed this world was to have you. How blessed our family, blended as it may have been, was to have you as the oldest sibling. How blessed that you were our dads only son and our big brother. How blessed.

There are certain people that touch lives in such a magical way. That leave a print of happy on the hearts of all those they meet. That create stories and memories that far outlive the moment. There are people that when you share a story of their life it is always good and positive and is a memory filled with happiness and laughter.

Oh brother, you are that man. That man that filled so many hearts and so many memories. You are the man that breathed life into life and created magic. Even when we celebrated your life, with you along for the ride, we were always happy. Beer may have been flowing and the cherry box was with us always, but your heart, your love, your magic drove us. And as sad as we were to be celebrating your life and your passing, how easy it was to celebrate.
October 5th would have been your 52nd birthday and as a family we celebrated, we communicated and we remembered you. You are a magic will continue to carry with us. Thank you. You are missed. You are loved.


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  1. Wendy Hylton

    October 12, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    What an excellent tribute to him Mel. He will continue to shine in your life, keep the memories fresh! HUGS

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