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Fall Fun. Weekend Adventures.

I’ve been craving Fall and craving all things that make one feel like it’s Fall. This past weekend was magical and filled with Fall fun. It was a weekend filled with kiddos and high school football games and birthday parties and soccer games and first dates and windows open for fresh air and haunted housing and baking and pumpkin patching and family fun. We filled this weekend with as much fun and as much fall as could possibly be fit into one weekend.

Friday weather was beautiful, there was an excitement in the air and the weekend was upon us. Friday was simple, the kiddos all had plans (except for the littlest) and the adults were chauffeurs, grocery shoppers and managing the home. After the kiddos were fed successfully, a birthday party drop off and pick up was executed and everyone had arrived at the homecoming game, us adults headed to the grocery. We stocked up and unloaded and headed back to the game to get the babes. It was an energy filled night with smiles and laughter and well earned sleep.

Saturday was Saturday… We worked out, we baked a cake, laundry was completed and the family was organized for afternoon fun. While J took the littles to a soccer game, one in which R broke her personal best record of 1 goal in a record 3 games in a row, I chaperoned a first date. Sitting in the back row, tucked in a corner reading “Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected”. It was a scary movie and I was doing everything in my power to avoid the movie screen. The book captured my attention, however, occasionally I had to peek and I was terrified. After the “first date” was completed I raced to get Avery to her dads and home to the family for our evening out. J grilled hot dogs and we went Haunted Housing.

Haunted Housing… Is quite nerve racking and exciting and fun and scary. It starts at the decision making process. Which Haunted House and why? Then the drive and getting excited and teasing one another. Once in line, it is the suspense of hearing others scream, knowing that in moments you will be in a space unknown with stranger popping out to frighten you. The kiddos ebbed and flowed from fear to excitement back to fear, but as we entered the first hallway, fear took over. There were tears and fear and requests to turn around. We made it through, after plenty of moments of anxiety and moments of tears, moments of shear terror for the littles, moments of excitement and laughter too. And after all the anticipation, the haunted house delivered. Three exhilarated kiddos and two happy adults.

Sunday was my perfect fall day. Baking cake pops with the kiddos in the morning, we agreed on using Halloween colors and combinations. Yellow butter cake and balck and orange melts. It was messy and there was laughter and it was perfect. We then got the babes ready, dropped off R’s friend and headed to the pumpkin patch. This was Avery’s first visit and I was so excited. We stopped at the Bux for a holiday treat (pumpkin spice frapp) and off we traveled to the patch. Though the weather was tipping over 95 degrees and the sun was beating down, we found fun. We enjoyed the petting zoo, learning how to rope a cow from J and the hay ride to find our pumpkins. Each kiddo explored the patch, picked up and evaluated pumpkins and selected their favorite. We headed home sleepy and happy.

Thank you to J for making this weekend so magical for all of us. He is incredible and I know we all love him with our whole hearts. xoxo

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