Melanie Jeanne

H.A.P.P.Y H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N!


Oh today I am thrilled, today I am excited, today is Halloween. Today is a magical day. This is a day from my childhood I remember loving. From the time I can remember until high school, every costume I wore was homemade. There were inventive and they were made by my mom from he ideas in my little head and heart. I’ve been a clown, a bunny, a cheerleader, a baby in a diaper, Cleopatra (maybe that one was purchased), a clown again and again and again. I loved getting dressed up for school and walking in the school day parade. I loved racing home and preparing for the evening out with family and neighborhood friends. Pillow cases in tow, glow sticks in hand and my best “trick or treat” practiced. Today is a magical day. As an adult, I’ve not participated in Halloween quite as often or quite as much. I’ve had a couple fun runs in college as a gangster, a cat and a Pink Lady. But, today… Oh today is good. Today, I will be mommy. And today my Doodle will Trick-or-Treat for the first time ever. She has a costume prepared (purchased, I am not nearly as awesome as my mom was) and we’ve been practicing the catch phrase “trick-or-treat” this morning.

Happy Halloweening to all. Make it a safe and enjoyable day. Have fun with the ones you love and keep our kiddos safe. Protect their self esteem, character and tiny hearts while they find courage and fun in racing around the streets of their neighborhoods. Enjoy picking through the goodies one after another  while selecting out favorites. Have a fabulous day, night and holiday.

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