Melanie Jeanne


I am growing up and reverting back to my childhood loves… the holidays. There was a period of time where the holidays didn’t draw excitement for me. I was in a transitional stage, the stage of growing up and creating my own traditions, traditions that did not come easily for a single girl, a newly married girl or a single mother. This year however, there is excitement. It has everything to do with Avery’s age, two is a beautiful age. And the place I am in my life. In a relationship where it is easy to enjoy the little things, easy to enjoy my life and enjoy the moments more.

So this year I wanted to decorate the house. Completely decorate the house. I had this grandiose idea that I would touch every room with a little bit of Halloween. That I would create a classy and holiday environment. That little details would create magic. And that the decor outside would be Halloween specific while not being too scary.

My grandiose idea didn’t quite come to fruition. What was created is magical still. Not every room was touched and little bits of magic aren’t everywhere. But, it feels like Halloween in our home. When I walk into the family room I feel I am hugged by the holiday, that I am prepared for something cozy and sweet, yet spooky and scary too. I am happy with the results and excited for the holidays. Looking forward to transitioning the house into Fall for Thanksgiving and then Christmas… I cannot wait for Christmas. Halloween is the perfect start to all of this magic.


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