Melanie Jeanne

Life Is Good

October… It is here. I am thrilled. My three favorite months of the year have arrived. My favorite time to reflect, plan, decorate, enjoy, breathe and just be. I cook more. I think more. I do more. I become more. I am thrilled.

Yesterday was October 1st and I enjoyed a cinnamon dolce latte for the second time since fall fell into place. I enjoyed a cinnamon bun too, over indulgence much… I am indulging in an effort to will the cooler weather here to Arizona. I am willing a crisp chill and a seasonal change. I am willing the seasonal pull and holiday vibe in this 100 degree tundra.

This past weekend felt like a perfect little weekend. There was sushi, yard work, car shopping, a soccer game, a slumber party with the cousins, a concert, a jog, loads and loads of laundry, time for blogging and dinner with my dad and sister. It felt perfect. I felt like a grown up. It was weird and humbling and I quite enjoyed it.

I enjoyed my very first adventure in the car shopping arena, whoa. What fun, frustration, stress, time and reward the act of car shopping can be. It is an adventure. Looking at style after style, having person after person challenge you to stick to your guns. Having dealership after dealership make you question why you would look beyond their location. The process is overwhelming, and odd as it seems, I look forward to the next adventure. And then there was the yard work. Aside from the thorns still stuck in my palm, I loved every minute of working with J on our yard. I was smiling inside from the process. My whole life, or at least as far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to live in a house with someone I love and share shores. This past weekend it hit me, this is what I’ve always wanted, this is what it feels like. It felt good. Avery enjoyed her first slumber party with her cousins. J and I went to a concert. I had dinner with my sister and dad on Sunday… All is right with the world.

This life is good. It feels good. I am happy.

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